Q and A with Wes Chamberlain

I had the opportunity to talk to former Phillies player Wes Chamberlain and we discussed about his career, the current MLB and much more.

Q: First question: When you started your career what was the types of things that you were thinking about?

Chamberlain: Learning the ins and out of the business.

Q: If you could explain in detail what it was like playing your first MLB Game?

Chamberlain: My first MLB game was a pinch hit at bat, I felt like I was cheated. The first game I started, felt like an opportunity for me to show my skills in a MLB game.

Q: You were drafted by the Pirates but then soon traded away. What where your thoughts from going to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia?

Chamberlain: I was shocked, surprised and grateful. I was going to the MLB.

Q: What was it like playing with Phillies greats such as Darren Daulton, and John Kruk?

Chamberlain: It was great. Daulton was our team captain and Kruk was a veteran who took me under their wing and guided me to be a professional in the MLB. They taught me how to carry myself with the Press and the game.

Q: In 1993 with the Phillies you reached the World Series, what was the team’s mindset going into the series?

Chamberlain: It was great during the season the NLC and World Series, after the loss it was disappointment but that was bitter sweet.

Q: If you guys won game 6, do you think that you would have won it all?

Chamberlain: Yes

Q: Could you explain why?

Chamberlain: All season long we were tested and prevailed. As a hole we knew we couldn’t be beaten. That started in spring training.

Q: What would you describe the city of Philadelphia in one word?

Chamberlain: Brotherly…

Q: What would you do in the game of baseball to speed up the game?

Chamberlain: Nothing

Q: Who are your favorites to win the 2019 World Series?

Chamberlain: Boston and L A

Q: What is the future for this current Phillies team?

Chamberlain: You’ll have to wait and see if this group can come together, stay healthy and who they surround Harper with, veterans or youth.

Q: Last question: What’s the biggest difference from today’s baseball to your era?

Chamberlain: The Launch Angle. It’s like they have taken away batting and replaced it with All-Star Home Run Derby during the entire game. At this point no more small ball until the playoffs. My era hit n run, bunt, stole bases hit cut off men etc. That’s the biggest difference.


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