Kristian Fulton – The Corner the Eagles Have Been Looking For?

      LSU v Mississippi State       As it has been for the past number of years, the Eagles need some help in the secondary. The Eagles’ cornerback room is severely lacking, and in need of a few pieces. Targeting a corner early would definitely be a smart move for this team, as it is one of the most important positions on the defense.

       Hailing from the recent NCAA National Champions, Louisiana State University,  Kristian Fulton has had plenty of experience playing against talented receivers in the SEC, as well as during their championship run. A school known for cranking out great defensive backs, LSU corners and safeties are known to have a certain pedigree, and that is no different with Fulton. He is the latest corner from LSU to be expected to be drafted in the first round, and it would be suspected that he should succeed. Leaving LSU, Fulton would finish his collegiate career with fifty-six total tackles, two interceptions, and twenty pass breakups.

         Kristian Fulton is a corner that the Eagles should definitely be interested in, if he is available come their pick. Fulton is a 6’0, 200 pound corner with good athleticism and strength. From a physical standpoint, he is more than capable enough to get the job done for this Eagles’ defense. As should be expected coming from LSU, Fulton is well versed in a variety of different man coverage techniques, knowing how to switch it up to get wide receivers from getting a beat on him. He’s got great timing and technique when it comes to his press coverage, as well as mirroring receivers when they come off the line of scrimmage. His instincts in coverage are also notable, he knows how to fight with his hands to make the receiver’s job harder, but not blatant enough to draw a flag. He’s got great ball skills at the catch point, and has a plethora of broken up passes on tape. Overall, he is very disciplined in man coverage, and is a hard person to uncover from.

     Fulton would be a great fit for the Eagles, and is a player that I think might be available come the Eagle’s pick in April. He can compete for a starting spot immediately, and provide good play as a rookie. Come the end of his rookie contract, Fulton should be a cornerstone of the defense, and a player that the Eagles should be looking to resign. Overall, Fulton fits exactly what this teams needs out of a cornerback, and should be in strong consideration.


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