KJ Hamler: Potential steal for the Eagles?

By Claudio Camarena

Throughout the season, the Eagles were unable to make too many big plays because of their lack of talent at the WR position. On paper they had a great Wide Receiver group, but due to injuries and inconsistent play, the Eagles have arguably the worst WR corps in the league. As of now, their only Wide Receiver on the roster that is actually good is DeSean Jackson, who played 1 game last season and is 33 years old. It is clear that the Eagles need a new Wideout if they want to find more success.

The word on the street is that this WR class is amazing, which is a true statement. The most popular prospects are Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb, but a player that is often overlooked is KJ Hamler, former Nittany Lion. KJ had 1,745 total yards and 14 touchdowns throughout 2 seasons. Hamler is a very fast and explosive player. I’ve seen him being compared to former OROY Percy Harvin, or recent Super Bowl champion Tyreek Hill.

KJ Hamler is possibly the best option for the Eagles in the second round, pick #53. Hamler would bring elite speed and explosiveness to a WR needy Eagles offense. He would be able to work as a deep threat and a gadget player. He can also run drags, curls, or any type of route. Hamler is 5’9″ and 176 pounds, those measurements are usually form fast players and he isn’t the exception.

If the Eagles haven’t addressed the Wide Receiver position by pick 53, and KJ Hamler is available, the Eagles shouldn’t think twice in taking him. The Eagles had arguably the worst WR group this year and if things don’t change, it’ll be really hard for them to compete in a stacked NFC. Hamler’s speed is an amazing fit into the Eagles offense. If Carson Wentz can throw for 4,000 yards with Greg Ward being his WR1, imagine what he’ll be able to do with an extremely fast player like KJ Hamler.


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