Jalen Reagor: The Dynamic Threat the Eagles Need?

Instagram Page: prospect_breakdown

Realizing the Eagles need receiver help is not hard to realize, nor is it difficult to understand. When the only players to record catches in a playoff game are two tight ends in Ertz and Goedert, two running backs in Sanders and Scott, a former quarterback-turned receiver in Greg Ward and basically a practice squad receiver in Burnett it’s glaringly obvious that team desperately needs help at wide receiver. With Jeffrey and Jackson aging along with battling injuries seemingly every year and inconsistent Agholor set to test free agency, wide receivers in this draft class will continue to follow and be linked to the Eagles throughout the 2019 draft process.

The big names in this draft such as Juedy, Lamb and even maybe Ruggs could all be gone for the eagles at 21, especially Juedy and Lamb, so the Eagles more than likely will have to look elsewhere for receiver help moving forward. While there is a drop off in talent from the stars in the draft such as Lamb and Juedy, this years receiver class is still loaded with talent throughout. A name the Eagles should have circled on their draft board is Jalen Reagor out of TCU. Jalen Reagor had a sizeable drop off in production this year compared to last, only recording 43 receptions for 611 yards and 5 touchdowns compared to to his 2018 campaign where he posted 72 receptions for 1,061 yards and 9 touchdowns. While one should acknowledge his sudden drop off in 2019, Reagor’s talent and abilities cannot be overlooked, especially a receiver hungry team such as the Eagles.

Jalen Reagor is phenomenal deep threat, he has excellent straight line speed and has the ability to completely toast the opposing corner if his speed is not respected. Reagor is the type of player coaches and corners will have to respect due to his speed which will open up underneath routes such as slants, digs and screen passes that could give Reagor enough cushion to make a house call on any given play. Along with his deep threat ability down the field, Reagor was also a prolific and dangerous returner at TCU and it’s almost certain he will be asked to bring that to a team come September. Reagor’s dynamic speed cannot be denied, but he is far from a finished product and still has room for improvement. One problem I noticed with him is that he really struggles to create separation off of press coverage due to lack of physicality and strength. Reagor also is rather poor at blocking for sweeps and outside runs and if he lands with a team like philly who’s dynamic in their play calls he will have to improve that. Reagor also struggles holding on to the ball when catching it over the middle in traffic, that is the biggest problem I saw with him and he is going to have to improve upon that or teams will take him out of the game by taking away his “one trick”, and that’s his deep treat ability.

When draft day comes I think Reagor will end up being a day two pick due to him still being a little raw in his development. Even with development still be needed for Reagor, his raw abilites and versatility cannot be ignored and I think if he is still on the board come the Eagles selection in the second round, it would be a great value pick for them. Selecting Reagor would instantly give them a dynamic threat for their special teams and will also give them a piece to build with on offense. Carson Wentz desperately needs targets to throw to on offense besides Ertz and Goedert on the inside and I think Jalen Reagor would be a great weapon for him. With critics lining up at the door banging on it looking for results from Wentz since receiving his new contract with little results to show for it, it’s time for the eagles to set Wentz up for success and let him prove if he is the franchise quarterback this organization thought he was when they drafted him.


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