What to do with Alec Bohm

Fightin Phillie Alec Bohm jogs out to 3B

The Phillies offseason has been interesting. They started off with a bang, bringing in a top Free Agent arm in Zack Wheeler, as well as former Yankee SS Didi Gregorius. They attacked our bullpen and bench needs with cheap minor league deals, including players like INFs Josh Harrison and Neil Walker, as well as bringing Blake Parker back, and other minor bullpen moves.

The biggest question the front office faces now is what to do with star prospect 3B Alec Bohm. The 23 year old Bohm tore up the minor leagues last year, hitting .305 with 145 hits, including 21 home runs. Bohm worked his way from Low A (Lakewood) all the way to AA (Reading) in one year. He was MLB Pipeline’s Top 3B prospect in a unanimous decision. He is poised to make the big leagues at some point this year. However, the Phillies front office faces a tough decision. The Phillies have been looking for proven star power to solidify the infield, and put a power bat in the middle of the lineup. The Phillies have made some calls. Among the most prominent names the Phils have checked in on, Kris Bryant, Nolan Arenado, and Francisco Lindor. One thing all teams had in common, they all requested Alec Bohm.

The Phillies have been holding off on trades involving Bohm, as they see a bright future for the star prospect. The team has cooled off of trade talks involving star players on the market, until now. Recently, Cubs 3B Kris Bryant lost his grievance case vs the Cubs, meaning he still has two years of service until he is an Unrestricted Free Agent. This reengaged the Phillies in talks with the Cubs. Per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, A Bryant trade is “on the clock” and both the Phillies and Nationals have “exploratory interest” in the Cubs 3B.

Cubs 3B Kris Bryant celebrates with his teammates after hitting a Homerun

What would I do? Personally, I would like to see Klentak bring Bryant to Philly . Bryant is only 5 years older than Bohm, at 28, and still has his best years ahead of him. Age should not be holding the Phillies back in making this trade. Yes, money should and will be a big factor in this trade, but big numbers will be coming off the books after this year, including Jake Arrieta’s deal. One year of the luxury tax (a tax of 30% of the team salary once a team goes above a certain point) will not hurt. With 2 years remaining on Bryant’s current contract, Bryant should be an enticing option to the Phils. 2 years is enough time to sell the 3B on Philly, and convince him to sign an extension with the team. Another pro of the 2 year deal, if Bryant is not a fit and does not work out well in Philly, then he is gone after 2 year. If all else fails, the Phillies have another Las Vegas native on the roster, and the two have wanted to play together.

MLB Stars Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper at a hockey game in their hometown, Las Vegas.

Getting this trade done will be expensive, and rightfully so. Bryant is a former NL MVP and can still play at that level. It will take top prospects, MLB players and more to bring the All Star 3B to Philly, but if we are in a win now mode, we should. A package centered around 3B Alec Bohm, as well as SS/2B Jean Segura, RHP Adonis Medina, and SS Nick Maton should get it done, or at least get Chicago thinking about dealing their star. With all being said, would trade for Bryant?


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