Laviska Shenault – First Round Option at Wide Receiver?

As we all pained to see, the Eagles had a huge issue at wide receiver in 2019. Whether it be injury, or lack of talent, there was a huge lack of production at the wide receiver throughout the season. In order to create more offensive efficiency, they need to target the position in the off-season.

Laviska Shenault out of Colorado could be a potential target for the team in April. Coming out of Colorado, Shenault is one of the more highly regarded prospects in this prospect. Leaving Colorado, Shenault has racked up 2,223 total yards, 17 touchdowns, on 191 touches. Needless to say, Shenault had a very productive career in his time playing for the Buffaloes.

Shenault as a player is very versatile and reliable, being able to play in a variety of roles and schemes. His strength, size, and explosiveness make him a big play waiting to happen. In Colorado’s scheme, Shenault played a variety of roles, including taking snaps at running back. Needless to say, he can play many roles in this Eagle’s offense.

Shenault is a great fit for the Eagles, as they just need someone to come in and play the position and a high level. Shenault can play outside, inside, runningback, etc. If he can continue to develop, he should be a great addition to this offense in the coming years,





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