Michael Pittman Jr: A possible option in the 2nd Round for the Eagles?

By Claudio Camarena

If you told me in August that the Eagles would need a WR desperately, I would call you crazy, now it is a very true statement. As the NFL season went on, one of the weakest position groups in the whole league was the Eagles Wide Receiver corp. The Eagles had too many drops in the season, but not only did they have drops, they had crucial drops. Players who dropped 4th quarter Touchdown passes include Nelson Agholor vs the Patriots, JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Dallas Goedert vs the Lions. I guess that’s what happens when your WR1 is Greg Ward, who only had 254 yards and a touchdown in the whole year.

Michael Pittman isn’t very well known by the general public, since he wasn’t the number one option at USC. Plus in a loaded WR draft class he doesn’t stand out. But if you watch him play, you know how hard this kid plays. He plays with a lot of effort and he fights for every yard possible.

Michael has very reliable hands, very rarely does he drop passes or gets shut out. He has a really good ability to catch balls in traffic or 50/50 balls. He has a really big catch radius and top tier separation. He has drawn comparisons to Lions’ star wide out Kenny Golladay and Cardinals’ legend Larry Fitzgerald. I have a first round grade on him, even though I expect him to go Day 2. Pittman had 2,519 yards and 19 Touchdowns in 4 years of college.

Michael Pittman is a great option at Wide Receiver for the Eagles. If he’s available at pick 53 in the second round, the Eagles should definitely consider taking him. Pittman could immediately be the WR2 for the Eagles, or with the right developement, he could become the WR1. If the Eagles take Pittman, Carson Wentz could have a lot of 5,000 yard seasons in his career.


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