Why Not K’Lavon Chaisson in the 1st Round?

K’Lavon Chaisson

When you look at the Eagles roster ahead of the draft searching for areas they should address, edge rusher may not be most peoples pick but I think the Eagles should keep an open mind on the position. While Brandon Graham had a pretty good season last year, he is set to be 32 at the start of the 2020 season. Former first round pick Derek Barnett hasn’t lived up to where he was selected and last year was another indicator of that. 

A name to keep on eye on if he’s sitting there for the Eagles is K’Lavon Chaisson, an edge rusher from LSU. Chaisson is a household name and comes highly regarded by many scouts and football fans. K’Lavon is a freak athlete standing 6’4 and 250 pounds with freak athleticism for his size. He has elite lateral quickness and can bend around the edge very well and get to the quarterback. While Chaisson doesn’t always use his hands effectively, when he does and puts it together with his quickness he is very hard to stop. 

Chaisson does have some development to ahead of him, he’s still pretty raw as a player. One thing I notice when watching him is he’s very jumpy at the line he gets draw offsides very easy and that’s not gunna fly if that becomes a habit. Right now, to me Chaisson is a “one trick pony” in that he mostly looks to get around the opposing tackle instead of mixing it up with an inside move as well and stronger tackles in college neutralized him because of that. Chaisson also needs to put on some upper body strength, he struggled with the bull rush in college which led to him becoming one dimensional. 

Like I stated earlier, edge rusher might not be the Eagles biggest need but if the top receivers and corners are gone by pick 21 the Eagles should consider K’Lavon Chaisson. It’s well known that the best coverage is a pass rush and with the Eagles in need of secondary help, it could be a smart idea to round out the front seven and get a consistent pass rush to take the pressure off of the corners that are struggling. It’s very plausible Chaisson could be gone at pick 21 because of the demand for pass rushers, but if he’s sitting there, he should be a name discussed in the draft room. 

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