Potential Eagles 2020 Draft Gems, Episode 7: Devin Smith

With the inconsistent secondary play from last season, Philadelphia should look to get younger in the draft.

The success of Tyrann Mathieu last year in Kansas City put a great standard for what to look for in a defensive back. Meet the next version of Tyrann: Devin Smith, a 5’11 190-pound senior from Delaware State University. He played cornerback, safety, and inside linebacker just like Mathieu. He was one of the best cover defensive backs not only in the MEAC but in the whole FCS.

His best asset is tacking when he has to. Most of the time the opponents did not run towards his side of the field. When they do, he has a perfect technique. In coverage he is very well balanced can there is a slight edge that goes towards him in zone coverage since he plays that 70% of the time over the last four seasons. Playing the ball, he is as aggressive as Tyrann, as he swats and levels the opposing wide receiver or tight end.

When against high-end talent, he performed best, for example vs Elijah Bell and the over the whelming amount of talent that Florida A&M had great games This would be a wonderful addition for the Eagles. Devin would be a 7th round pick to a UDFA. He could be that preseason warrior that makes that very high impact.