Why 2020 Will Be A Career Year For Carson Wentz

We all know how the 2019 season ended for Carson Wentz. Although we are disappointed that he was unable to finish that playoff game, Carson proved a-lot in 2019, and I consider it a very successful season considering all things. There are still people that question Carson and his ability to be a franchise quarterback. 2020 will be the best year of his career thus far and here is why.

Speed On Offense

The NFL has evolved over the years, and speed has become king. It’s no longer about having the biggest, strongest, smartest guys, it’s about who has the fastest guys. Around the league, every team is trying its hardest to acquire players with speed, reminiscent of an arms race. When you watch other teams around the league and then turn on an Eagles game, you easily notice the lack of speed and explosive plays. This offseason GM Howie Roseman will look to add speed to both sides of the ball. Having players on the outside that can stretch the field and take short plays to the house will allow Doug to open up the offense for Carson.

Addition By Subtraction

The Eagles have had their share of problems since Carson was drafted in 2016. With age, injuries, and internal drama being the most prevalent. The front office has been adamant that getting younger and moving on from players that don’t fit the locker room are priority. Replacing a guy like Alshon Jeffery will go many lengths in helping Carson on and off the field.


The offensive play-calling received a-lot of criticism this past season. Although the roster lacked speed and dealt with a crazy amount of injuries, fans didn’t agree with how the play-calling was handled. Despite the misconception of who was calling plays, the offensive staff has been overhauled. Adding new faces and minds to the offensive room will only benefit Wentz. With Doug still calling plays, having vet coaches with different views will only make the offense more diverse and explosive.

With the whole offseason ahead of the Eagles and Carson Wentz, there are a-lot of changes that can and will be made. The steps Carson took in 2019 will prove to be his launching pad to a career 2020 season that will be aided by speed on offense, youth, and better coaching/play-calling.


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