Potential Eagles 2020 Draft Gems, Episode 8: Aleksander Kocaqi

The other day, I was thinking about how the Eagles can use some more playmakers, and I believe I found a perfect under the radar stud.

Aleksander Kocaqi is a 6’1 245 lb fullback/ tight end from West Connecticut State. When you first see him, he looks like a bodybuilder. His skill set is very similar to All-Pro Kyle Juszczyk. He can catch (never dropped a pass in college) and has excellent blocking skills with that great mix of power and speed.

Why would he be a good choice for Philadelphia? Well, after the massive drop off in talent due to injuries last year, I think having a fullback who can do everything makes sense. Think about when Green Bay in 2017, where they were depleted in the backfield in talent, then John Kuhn stepped in and helped there postseason run.

In the draft, I expect Aleksander to be a UDFA. That is well worth a chance in the preseason.