Jabari Zuniga – Developmental EDGE For The Future?

ZunigaJabari_181110_9507_TimCasey      With Vinny Curry and Brandon Grahman both turning thirty-two before the start of next season, it would be wise for the Eagles to continue to invest in the EDGE position. Now, clearly the Eagles already have some developmental depth for the EDGE, like Josh Sweat and Shareef Miller. Josh Sweat played decently well on 35% of the teams defensive snaps, and he is only getting better. Since Derek Barnett has mostly been a letdown coming from the 14th overall pick, the team might see what they have, and give Josh Sweat more snaps in the future. With two current players aging further, and the potential of Josh Sweat, the team should add another developmental piece to the defensive line room, like Jabari Zuniga.

When taking a look at Jabri Zuniga, he clearly looks the part of an EDGE player in today’s NFL. He stands at a touch over 6’3 and 265 pounds with decently long arms and nice athleticism to boot. at the 2020 NFL Combine, he ran a 4.64 in the 40 yard dash, and jumped 12.7′ in the broad jump. Both of these are very good numbers for the positions and shows his natural speed and explosiveness off the edge. At Florida, he showed his raw ability as he was able to win purely off his gifts when facing lower level competition. When he times the snap right, he can be simply dangerous when exploding off the edge. In the run game, he has the strength in his hands and punch to hold the point of attack. He also the agility to create plays in the backfield against the run, as he can use his power and fluidity to bring down the ball carrier. Coming out of the Florida Gator’s scheme, Zuniga has had plenty of snaps at a variety of different positions. Zuniga brings a versatile, natural athleticism to the NFL, where he can be molded into a future starter.

If the Eagles are able to get their hands on Zuniga in the middle or latter part of the draft, it would be a great piece to develop. Zuniga has the tools you want, but is pretty raw at the moment. Given the talent the Eagles have at the EDGE position, Zuniga can sit and learn. In a few years, after some much needed development, Zuniga can compete for a starting position. By the end of his rookie contract, Zuniga should be showing that he is a potential starter for this team as they look into the future.




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