Denzel Mims- A Future Star for Someone

Denzel Mims- WR, Baylor

Instagram Page: prospect_breakdown

The 2020 NFL Combine was full of workout warriors and draft risers. Whether it was Mekhi Becton running an insane 5.1 forty at 360 plus pounds, Isaiah Simmons running a sub 4.4 forty standing 6’4, 238 pounds or Henry Ruggs coming dangerously close to the all time 40-yards dash record finishing with a 4.28. But Denzel Mims had himself a very impressive day as well. Denzel Mims had a fantastic workout at the combine this past weekend, he displayed good fluidity and good hands during the on-field workouts after blowing people away after running a blazing 4.38 40 yard dash. Watching Mims at the senior bowl I noticed stiffness in his movements and wrote him off thinking he would not be able to create consistent separation at the next level. 

After seeing him run a sub 4.4 forty, I threw on the tape and came away very impressed. Standing 6’3, Denzel Mims is a fantastic back shoulder receiver, he understands and uses leverage very well and adjust to the ball making him almost automatic on those type of throws. Mims also has fantastic hand strength giving him the ability to catch almost any ball that comes in his radius while tightly covered, he really thrives catching the ball in traffic. Probably my favorite thing about Mims’s game is his physicality releasing off the line against press coverage, he’s great at not letting the corner get their hands on him and he’s able to create separation because of that. 

I do have a concern about if he’ll be able to expand his route tree due the tightness in his lower body and the limited route tree required at Baylor. I’ve heard that he had no problem running various routes during practice at the senior bowl so it seems like a positive sign to me. I think Denzel Mims has the ability to be an All-Pro type receiver in the league with the skill set he has and would be a great pickup for a receiver-needy team like the Eagles. Unfortunately though, with Mims’s combine performance he won’t make it very far past round 2(if not taken in round 1), and for the eagles to draft him they most likely will need to trade back in the first or early second to have a realistic chance at him. If they can get their hands on him somehow, I think they have themselves a potential franchise receiver for Wentz to throw to for many years. 


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