Who Should Start? Roman Quinn or Jay Bruce?

With the injury to Andrew McCutchen (he tore his ACL last June), the Phils will need another player to start in left field to start the season. This of course barring that the delay to the MLB by coronavirus (COVID-19), does not take more than a month. But the two main competitors for the starting spot are Jay Bruce and Roman Quinn.

To start, Jay Bruce, who did not play in the field during spring training, tore it up during the spring at the plate. He went 6 for 18 this spring, hitting two doubles, a homer, and four RBIs. He has made himself the leader for the starting job, as long as he is ready to play the field by the time the season comes around. The only downside to Bruce, is his fielding. Even if he is healthy, he isn’t a great fielder. He is a lot slower in the field than speedster Roman Quinn. But if the Phils would prefer a very good bat in the lineup over a great fielder, Bruce would be their choice.

Phillies outfielder Jay Bruce exits the field after an injury on August ninth, 2019

On the other side, Roman Quinn always has the threat of a stolen base, infield hit, or triple. Quinn could probably bunt 10 times in a row, and reach base six times. If he gets a ball down in the gap, it’s almost a guaranteed triple, if not an inside-the-park homerun. Also, when he does get on first or second base, he is ALWAYS a threat to steal a bag. The only problem is, his offense is not that great. Yes, when he does hit the ball hard, or lay down a perfect bunt, he’s a great player. But that’s true to all players right? Last year in 108 at bats, Quinn got only 23 hits, with a batting average of .213. The main problem I noticed last year was that his swing was a major uppercut, way too much of one for for a speedy guy like Quinn. I have a feeling that maybe having the new hitting coach Joe Dillon in here could help Quinn this year; and help him stop swinging for the fences. If the Phils do want to take a chance on Quinn, I wouldn’t mind, and quite honestly, I’m more on the side of Quinn.

To recap, I would prefer Roman Quinn to start in place of Andrew McCutchen for the start of the 2020 season, whenever that may be. What’s your opinion? Comment under the article below!


One thought on “Who Should Start? Roman Quinn or Jay Bruce?

  1. The Phillies need to score…so go with Jay Bruce. He’s not as adept at fielding as Quinn, but he’s good enough.


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