Khalil Tate: Future Eagles backup?

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In 2017 and 2018 we saw Carson Wentz suffer season-ending injuries and in the 2020 playoffs he went down with a concussion. Nick Foles led the team to a Super Bowl victory and a Divisional Round appearance the first 2 years, but after signing a multi-year contract with the Jaguars, he left the team. In the Wild Card game against the Seahawks, Josh McCown did everything in his power to beat the Seahawks, but the Eagles lost the game 17-9. McCown retired shortly after the game, which leaves the Eagles without a good backup. So what if Carson Wentz goes down, who’ll play in his position?

Last year we saw the Jaguars take Gardner Minshew in the 6th Round and after Nick Foles went down, he did a really good job. The upcoming group from the 2020 NFL Draft has a lot of upside in guys that’ll be taken in the late round. A guy that is often overlooked while talking about day 3 guys is Khalil Tate.

Khalil Tate is a very good QB that has a lot of mobility. He’s accurate in short and medium passes, he isn’t very accurate while throwing deep but his arm is very strong, plus his mobility makes up for it. He’s like a Lamar Jackson type of player (obviously he isn’t as good). Khalil had 8,379 total yards and 75 total touchdowns in 4 years of college and he has a lot of upside. He was also in the Heisman conversation in the 2018 preseason. Another thing that could help teams is that Tate could be used as a Taysom Hill type of player.

In my opinion the Eagles should consider taking Khalil Tate in the 6th or 7th Round. Last year if the Eagles had a backup with a little bit of upside they would’ve been in great position to win against the Seahawks. Carson Wentz has dealt with many injuries in the past and if that doesn’t change the Eagles will need a decent backup. I truly believe that if the Eagles take Khalil Tate and use him correctly, he’ll help them massively.


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