What will be the Phillies lineup now with the delay.?

As we know by now, Major League Baseball has been postponed till mid May or early June. Those dates are up in the air and can still change. The Phillies never had a full lineup in place but there were rumors of some.

Some changes have occurred in the club though. Some players went down to the minors to big ones were, Nick Williams and Cole Irvin. I was expecting Williams to start this year. Now he might come in mid-season with Bohm. But now that time has been set back we are not sure if Bohm will be starting opening day or if he will come back in the mid season part.

My lineup was going to be of, 1. McCutchen, 2. Segura, 3. Harper, 4.Hoskins, 5. Realmuto, 6. Gregorius , 7. Harrison, 8. Bruce, 9. Nola

Manager Joe Girardi stated, “the Phillies roster will be significantly changed due to the delay of opening day.” Anything in the roster could be up in the air. I do expect most players in my lineup to be starting. But we could see Bohm in theere, Bruce could be out, and possibly Harrison. Even though, I think Harrison can do a great deal to this team. Which he has also played with McCutchen back on the Pirates.

Can’t wait to see the lineup when it’s posted!

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