Potential Eagles 2020 Draft Gems, Episode 12: Dante Brown

What is the one thing that no one talks about for the Eagles? The kicking of Jake Elliott.

Meet the kicker who can make Jake better by lighting a fire under him. Dante Brown, a 5’10 195-pound kicker from Fort Hays State University, and the two time Don Hansen Football Committee National Special Teams Player of the Year can be a great addition to Philadelphia. In his senior year, he was 19-23 (83%) on his field goals with a long of 56 yards, and his kickoff touchback percentage is (49%).

Why bring in another kicker? Competition its always a great thing to have in training camp, as it brings out the best in other players of the same position and it works with kickers all the time. Last season, Jake was 22-26 (84%) and with Brown in camp, he can drive him to high 80s to low 90s percent next season.

You never know how much a great backup kicker can do for you. One of the many reasons is we have seen teams struggle to find a good kicker if their starter got hurt. The other opportunity you may have is like what Baltimore had with an elite kicker in Justin Tucker and a great backup in Kaare Vedvik who they later traded for a 5th round pick.

Dante Brown is a projected UDFA. I would highly recommend Philadelphia bring him in for training camp.


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