Will We See Phillies Baseball This Year?

Yes. As of now, baseball officials and the president have said baseball will be played at some point this year.

Right now the season is expected to start in mid June early May. President Donald Trump says that he is almost certain to get fans into games between August and September.

Donald Trump met will all commissioners over technology, talking about what playing would be like. Not too much is known but we can expect for a month or two at least, there will be no fans in attendance.

Another part is that baseball could be played in one to two stadiums and have the 30 teams quarantined. As MLB says, “this would be very complex to do, and hard to pass by with local officials, Federal, and health officials.” The season is for sure shortened and we are looking at 115 games to 75 games.

Some other news is that, Donald Trump also ensures to all Youth, that baseball will be played very soon. Which could mean June/July.

As of now yes. We will see the Phillies play some ball! Now for a few months you will only be able to see it on TV but, baseball is still being played. And hopefully we will be able to see it in person for a game or two. I know I’m going to one in August and I’m hoping that everything with the virus shoots down and fans are allowed back in!

Stay safe! Wash hands! Stay home! It is a pleasure writing for you guys! Check out my Instagram for daily news, highlights, updates, and more! And remember it’s always a great day to be a Phillies Phan!


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