Are The Eagles Super Bowl Contenders?

The Eagles have had a very successful offseason so far, picking up guys like CB Darius Slay JR, LB Jatavis Brown, DT Javon Hargrave, CB Nickell-Robey-Coleman, CB Trevor Williams, and SS Will Parks. They have also had some subtractions, including SS Malcolm Jenkins and CB Ronald Darby. The Eagles have had an underlying CB problem for years now, the additions of Darius Slay and NRC will help with this problem.

What Will Darius Slay Jr Bring to Philly?

Darius Slay is known as a very motivated guy, and is known to have swagger. He is a cool guy in, and out of the locker room, and also brings some heat on the field. He will elevate the chances of the Eagles making it farther in the playoffs.

One guy on the roster has been made famous for putting the Eagles into a playoff spot. His name is RB Miles Sanders, it was 3rd down , 17-9 Eagles, 48 seconds left, he got a 40-yard run, icing the close game against the Cowboys, and then making the smart play to slide and run down the clock, elevating the Eagles into a playoff spot.

What do you think the chances are of the Eagles making the playoffs, or even the Super bowl. Make sure you follow my instagram account @phllytime for the answer to that question. Thanks for reading!


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