2020 NFL Draft Mock Draft 2.0

The 2020 NFL Draft is just a week away and it will without a doubt be like one we’ve never seen before. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing quarantine nationwide, the NFL Draft will be held without fans and teams will be sending in their draft picks virtually. With this different type of layout for the draft it will surely shake things up in terms of what to expect. Teams will be sending in picks virtually and team members are required to stay at their homes and not gather a one location. there are reports going around that teams are worrisome about sending in picks virtually with fears of possible internet problems that could come up during the draft, which would severely effect a teams ability to debate over which player to take and could make a team late for their selection and sending in their picks on time. With this fear league wide there is speculation that their may be little to no trades compared to years past. Never the less the draft will go on and I am personally excited and cannot wait until draft day to come. And with that I will start with the 1st pick in the 2020 draft, which is held by the Cincinnati Bengals.

1st Overall Pick: Cincinnati Bengals select- Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

This pick will come as no surprise, the Bengals relationship with Andy Dalton has come to an end, and they will look to move on starting draft night by selecting future star Joe Burrow.

2nd Overall Pick: Washington Redskins select- Chase Young, Edge Rusher, Ohio State

The second overall pick, just like the first, will be no surprise. Even though the Redskins have an already loaded defensive line, they could use more of a pass rush on the edge and Chase Young is an absolute stud prospect and is just to good for the Redskins to pass up at this spot.

3rd Overall Pick: Detroit Lions select- Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

Right now I have the feeling the Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua, and with the Chargers having a limited amount of picks I just don’t see them giving up extra picks when I think the feel good with Tyrod holding down the fort for a little while. With the Dolphins and Chargers not moving up for a quarterback the Lions will stay put and take arguably the best defensive player in this draft in Okudah, which is a big position of need for them after Slay’s departure.

4th Overall Pick: New York Giants select- Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Notre Dame

A lot of speculation has the Giants taking a big man here at 4, whether it’s a tackle or Derrick Brown, but Simmons is such an amazing athlete I think he’s ultimately to good to pass up here for the Giants for both their defense and the fan base.

5th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Tua or Herbert? Tua or Herbert? I personally think Tua is by far the better prospect even with the injuries during college, but I think the Dolphins pull a “Dolphins” move and get scared off and take the less superior player in Justin Herbert.

6th Overall Pick: Los Angeles Chargers select- Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

This would be a big win for the Chargers to not have to move up to get Tua. This would be ideal for the Chargers, they have a capable vet in Taylor to hold the fort for a year if Tua needs it, but this would give the Chargers another franchise quarterback to follow up Rivers’s tenure.

7th Overall Pick: Carolina Panthers select- Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

With their ideal picks in Okudah and Simmons off the board I think the Panthers take one of the best players available in Brown. Brown is an athletic freak for his size and can play any position on the interior, I think this is a good, safe pick for them at this spot.

8th Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals select- Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

I don’t feel remotely comfortable with the Cardinals tackle situation, and I don’t think they do either. I think they go for an athletic tackle for that offense, and I personally think Becton is the better prospect but I think they go Wirfs here after his combine performance.

9th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Jedrick Wills, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Jags absolutely need a tackle to protect whoever is at quarterback for them this year and for the future and I think they get the best tackle in the draft at nine here with Wills and this would be a very good pick for the Jags if Wills is still here when they are on the clock.

10th Overall Pick: Denver Broncos select- Henry Ruggs III, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Over these past few days rumors have came out about the Broncos wanted to trade up ahead of the Jets, Raiders and 49ers for their receiver in this draft and I believe it. I think they do trade up with Cleveland and take the receiver they’ve been rumored to really like in Ruggs and they get a playmaker for their young quarterback.

11th Overall Pick: New York Jets select- Jerry Juedy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I think the Jets are a candidate to trade back in the first, but with the Broncos trading ahead of them for a receiver they’ve been linked to like, I think they stay put at eleven and take a receiver for Sam and I think they take Juedy to make up for some of the speed they lost when Robby left and because he may be the better fit in their eyes.

12th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

The Raiders luck out here and get the last of the top three receivers in this draft, as they take Lamb. Whether it’s Lamb or Juedy for them come April 23rd, they win with this pick because they get the receiver they desperately need.

13th Overall Pick: Atlanta Falcons select- Javon Kinlaw, Defensive Tackle, South Carolina

The Falcons have been rumored to want to trade up, but with the Jets staying put at eleven and with the 49ers missing out on one of the top three receivers, I think the 49ers panic and move back with the Falcons and they take Kinlaw to add to their defense.

14th Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Bucs select- Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

With the Falcons jumping in front of them and taking Kinlaw, who i believe they had their eye on, I think they take the athletic freak in Becton and put him on the right side across from Smith to add protection for their newly acquired 42 year old quarterback.

15th Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns select: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

They was a rumor that came out today saying the Browns want to trade back and take Ezra Cleveland. I do think they ultimately trade back but I just don’t buy them reaching for Cleveland, I think they take the much better tackle in Andrew Thomas.

16th Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select- CJ Henderson, Cornerback, Florida.

With the Broncos trading up ahead of the 49ers for a receiver, the 49ers missed out on the top three receivers in this draft. I think that forces them to reach a bit for a need and take Henderson from Florida who has been rumored to be rising up teams boards after his combine performance.

17th Overall Pick: Dallas Cowboys select- Xavier McKinney, Safety, Alabama

The Cowboys have a big need at safety, especially with Health signing with the Raiders in free agency. I personally think McKinney is overrated, I have a second round grade on him, but I think the Cowboys reach here and grab the safety they need.

18th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Josh Jones, Offensive Tackle, Houston

With the trade of former first round pick Laremy Tunsil last year the Dolphins have a need at tackle here and I think they fill that need with Josh Jones from Houston. I think Jones is a very promising tackle prospect and I would personally really like this pick from the Dolphins.

19th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- Jordan Love, Quarterback, Utah State

I think there will be divide in the Raiders room with this pick but I think there are also doubts about Carr as well and I think that leads to Mayock turn in this card. I’m not particularly high on Love, I think Love definitely needs to sit for a few years and with this move Carr will definitely be on the move soon.

20th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Kristian Fulton, Cornerback, LSU

With the departures of both Ramsey and Bouye the Jags are in desperate need of a cornerback and I think Fulton would be a very solid pick. Fulton is my second ranked corner in this class, they could go Jeff Gladney here who is a lengthy corner teams really like but I think they ultimately take Fulton here.

21st Overall Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select- Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, LSU

The Eagles desperately need a wide receiver with the departure of Agholor and both Jeffrey and Jackson aging and I think they take Jefferson here with the 21st pick. Jefferson is my 5th ranked receiver and I think this would be a very solid move for them.

22nd Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select- Jeff Gladney, Cornerback, TCU

With the release of Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes signing with the Bengals, the Vikings really need a cornerback. Gladney had some technique issues in 2019 but he did seem to clean it up a bit throughout the season. Gladney is a lengthy corner with good instincts and I think this would be a solid pick for the Vikings.

23rd Overall Pick: New England Patriots select- Patrick Queen, Linebacker, LSU

I think the Patriots could go with defensive line here as well but I don’t think there’s good enough value here which is why I think they take Queen. Queens has risen up draft boards since the championship game and I think they get a much needed upgrade at linebacker with this pick.

24 Overall Pick: New Orleans Saints select- Kenneth Murray, Linebacker, Oklahoma

The Saints could go receiver here at 24 but with the addition of Sanders I think they can look to go elsewhere in round one. I think Kenneth Murray would be a really good pick, he can run sideline to sideline and they could use another linebacker next to Davis.

25th Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select: AJ Epenesa, Defensive End, Iowa

While Everson Griffen still waits in free agency and the possibility of a reunion still on the table, I think they draft his replacement here. Epenesa has received some criticism because of his limited athleticism and bend around the edge, but I personally love his hand usage and I think he’s got enough athleticism to be effective.

26th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- K’Lavon Chassion, Edge Rusher, LSU

Many envision the Dolphins taking a running back with their third pick in the first round and they very well could. But with the addition of Jordan Howard and Chassion still on the board I think they go ahead and take him. Chassion still is a bit raw but his physical abilities can’t be questioned. This would be good valued for the Dolphins at 26.

27th Overall Pick: Seattle Seahawks select- Jeremy Chinn, Safety, Southern Illinois

I think the seahwaks go safety with this pick because of the holes left by Thomas and Chancellor. Antoine Winfield is my next rated safety behind McKinney in this class, but I think because of his injury history he’ll fall to the second round. I like Chinn quite a bit, he’s well rounded and has good instincts. Would be a solid pick for Seattle.

28th Overall Pick: Baltimore Ravens select- Akeem Davis-Gaither, Linebacker, App State

Man I love the idea of Davis-Gaither to the Ravens here. The Ravens have a track record of drafting talented linebackers/edge rushers in almost every draft and I think they do that again here. Davis-Gaither is a very athletic, versatile linebacker who can cover in space and rush the passer and I think the fit with the Ravens culture would be perfect.

29th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans select- Ross Blacklock, Defensive Tackle, TCU

Ross Blacklock to the Titans makes a lot of sense here. With the top corners already gone I think Blacklock here would be a good move, he’s a good athlete for his size and uses his quickness inside to create disruption in the backfield.

30th Overall Pick: Green Bay Packers select- Denzel Mims, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Just a few months ago i had Tee Higgins above Mims in my rankins. But After Higgins’s awful pro day, watching some of Mims’s tape and watching him during the Senior Bowl practice’s I fell in love with this kid. He’s ultra physical at the line which makes him great with getting off of press and he has really strong hands and is very good at contested catches. Him matched up with Rodgers and across from Adams would bring that Packers offense to another level.

31st Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select- Brandon Aiyuk, Wide Receiver, Arizona State

With the 49ers missing out on the top receivers earlier in the draft, I think they reach a little bit and take Aiyuk here. Brandon Aiyuk has risen up boards a bit, he’s very versatile in the things he can do for a team, much like last years pick, Deebo Samuel. He does have a really bad tendency to body catch which is why I’m a little lower on him than most, but i do love his versatility and I think this could be a good fit.

32nd Overall Pick: Kansas City Chiefs select- Logan Wilson, Linebacker, Wyoming

The Chiefs very well could go running back here and they do have a need a cornerback. With the top corners gone and this being a deep draft for running backs I think they bulk up their defense and take Wilson here with a need at linebacker. Wilson’s very underrated in my opinion I love his instincts and overall IQ and he’s pretty good in coverage as well. This would be a very solid pick for the Chiefs to close out the first round.


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