Do Phillies Players Want To Play in the New Plan Proposed by MLB?

The question we have today is, “Do Phillies players want to play in the new plan proposed by MLB?” My answer to that is no. Two players have come forward already about playing in these conditions.

Bryce Harper(Phillies outfielder)

The plan involves playing through 3 states. Florida, Texas, and Arizona. There would be 2 leagues set with different divisions and different teams in each. All the players would be quarantined while playing for about 4 months.

MLB has already said there will be no full season but they want to get in as much games as possible. So they have been talking about playing everyday, double headers, and plenty of night games.

Players all across MLB have stated their opinions on this. But is it their choice? It’s their job. For example, if you are a teacher you can’t just say no for no reason. But MLB might have to take this into consideration.

From the Phillies side Bryce Harper, Outfielder, and Zack Wheeler, Starting Pitcher, have both said no to this plan. Bryce Harper says, “There are bigger risks going on right now and we need to do our part.” Wheeler says, “No way I could be away for 4 months when my Wife is pregnant.” Two valid reasons but is it their choice.

MLB has also said there will be no fans throughout the 4 months. Although President Donald Trump and Doctor Anthony Fauci have stated, “Fans might be able to come back in August/September. Who knows what we will see! All I know is that I want to see some baseball being played, and it would be huge for MLB to start up and get more fans. They would be the 1st sport to be back on and the only one being televised live which can be good promotion!

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