My Dream 2020 Eagles Draft

Round 1 (Pick 10): WR CeeDee Lamb | Oklahoma

Round 3 (Pick 103): G Jonah Jackson | Ohio State

Round 4 (Pick 116): RB A.J. Dillon | Boston College

Round 4 (Pick 127): S Geno Stone | Iowa

Round 4 (Pick 146): LB Davion Taylor | Colorado

Round 5 (Pick 168): OT Cameron Clark | Charlotte

Round 6 (Pick 190): DE Chauncey Rivers | Mississippi State


Philadelphia Eagles Receive:

10th Overall Pick

Cleveland Browns Receive:

21st Overall Pick, 53rd Overall Pick, 2021 Third Round Pick

Philadelphia Eagles Receive:

116th Overall Pick, 2021 7th Round Pick

Jacksonville Jaguars Receive:

145th Overall Pick, Rasul Douglas, 2021 6th Round Pick

As much as I am generally against trading up, I am on board this year. Besides from the 2016 draft when the Eagles traded up to land Carson Wentz, I have never been on board with moving up this early until now. There are obviously multiple needs going into this draft, but the glaring hole at Wide Receiver is overshadowing everything else. The Eagles have an opportunity to give up a reasonable amount of draft capital to go and get a potential star Wide Receiver for Carson Wentz. Not to mention the fact that Lamb would be here for half a decade on a rookie contract. I cringe at not having a second round pick, but it would be completely worth it. CeeDee is deceptively fast with excellent run after the catch ability and a large catch radius.

As for the third round pick, I love the idea of selecting Jonah Jackson. He may not be available at 103, but I think he goes right around here. He has solid strength with excellent balance and could instantly come in to compete with Isaac Seumalo at Left Guard. Odds are Jackson sits behind him this year, provides solid depth, matures throughout the season, and starts there in 2021 considering Seumalo is heading into a contract year.

To start off the fourth round, I have the Eagles trading Rasul Douglas to the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to move up and select A.J. Dillon. I believe that bringing in a downhill Running Back is the third largest need on this roster right now. Dillon has an impressive college résumé with underrated speed to compliment Miles Sanders in the backfield. This is also where I believe the best value at Running Back will be.

With the next pick in the third round, I have the Eagles picking Geno Stone. He is a Safety that doesn’t have excellent speed, but has amazing instincts. I truly think that he is going to be one of the steals of this draft.

With the last pick in the fourth round, I would like to see the Eagles draft Davion Taylor, an excellent coverage Linebacker. The Linebacker position is currently the second neediest on this roster behind Wide Receiver. I wanted to address this in the third round but I believe that Logan Wilson and Akeem Davis-Gaither will be gone by 103, so the value just wasn’t there. Whether we all like it or not, Nate Gerry and T.J. Edwards are going to start in the middle of the defense this year. I suspect that the Eagles will bring in another veteran after the draft (potentially bring back Nigel Bradham), but I’d still like to provide insurance at the position. I love Taylor because he has the coverage skills to hold his own if he were to be thrown into the fire in his rookie season.

With the Eagles only fifth round pick, I have them taking developmental Offensive Tackle, Cameron Clark. He is a small school prospect who possesses a very nice blend of size and quickness. I think that Jeff Stoutland would have a field day with him.

With the Birds final pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, I would like them to select the troubled but talented pass rusher out of Mississippi State, Chauncey Rivers. He has had legal problems in the past, but has since cleaned up his act and there is no denying his talent. His motor is tremendous and I believe he has day two talent although he may end up going undrafted.


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