Eagles 2020 Draft Grades

Round 1 #21 Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU – C+

The Eagles filled a need and got a great fit, although I don’t like the value, since better players were available at the time of the pick.

Round 2 #53 Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma – F

This is the worst pick of the whole draft, the Eagles drafted a QB in the 2nd Round, who wasn’t even the best available and worst of all, they didn’t even need a Quarterback.

Round 3 #103 Davion Taylor, LB, Colorado – B

They filled a need, got a good fit but I don’t like the value, especially because better players were available.

Round 4 #127 K’Von Wallace, SAF, Clemson – A

They got a really good player and got their replacement for Malcolm Jenkins, as well as a great fit and good value. Also the last time the Eagles drafted a Clemson Safety he turned out to be a HOFer. Yes I’m talking about Brian Dawkins.

Round 4 #145 Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn – B-

They got good value for a player that will be great depth and might get minutes. The only reason because this isn’t a higher grade is because better players were available.

Round 5 #168 John Hightower, WR, Boise State – B-

Good pickup for depth. If the WR game isn’t fixed for next season, he might get some minutes.

Round 6 #196 Shaun Bradley, LB, Temple – B+

Imagine getting someone in the 6th that might get playing time. Amazing pick by Howie Roseman.

Round 6 #200 Quez Watkins, WR, Southern Mississippi – C

I understand that you need a lot of Wide Receivers nowadays. But I feel like this is a waste of pick since he barely will have playing time.

Round 6 #210 Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn – A

Amazing pick, they got a top 150 player in the 6th Round who’ll get a considerable amount of playing time.

Round 7 #233 Casey Toohill, LB, Stanford – C

I get that the Eagles needed Linebackers, but getting 3 in the same draft is something I don’t like.

Best Pick: K’Von Wallace (A) Worst Pick: Jalen Hurts (F)

Best Fit: Jalen Reagor (C+) Worst Fit: Jack Driscoll

Overall Grade: B-


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