Eagles 2020-2021 Season Predictions

The Eagles 2020-2021 NFL season schedule was released yesterday, and our instant reaction is to predict how many wins the Eagles will get. Of course millions of things will change from now until game one but here is my Eagles predictions for the 2020-2021 season.

Week 1 Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins (1PM) W 1-0

The last time the Eagles played in Washington to start a season they ended up Super Bowl champions. Heading to Washington, the team had the number two overall pick in the draft for a reason. With new head coach Ron Rivera, the team might be a little better this season. Yet, it’s still the Redskins. Dwayne Haskins didn’t have an impressive rookie year, and to learn a new offense on zoom probably doesn’t help. Desean Jackson’s first time returning to Washington (to play) as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles since he rejoined the birds will make for a special opening game. 

Week 2 Philadelphia Eagles vs Las Angeles Rams (1PM) W 2-0

This is one of the surest wins of the season in my eyes. It’s not just because the Eagles have had the Rams number in the past years, or that’s Jared Goff’s first time in the link, it’s that the Rams are starting to fall into disarray. Releasing former first round pick, and offensive player of the year Todd Gurley, not having a first round pick, and trading away WR Brandin Cooks, the team isn’t better from last year. Of course the last time Wentz was suiting up to play the Rams, it didn’t end well. Chalk this up for another Eagles win. 

Week 3 Philadelphia Eagles vs Cincinnati Bengals (1PM) L 2-1

Yeah you’re reading that right. It seems too easy for the Eagles to start off 3-0. Yet, history is what I’m relying on here. Rookie QB’s seem to have a good amount of early success, look back at Wentz’s rookie year (they started 3-0). I think it just feels like one of those games. 1PM. Easy team. 2-0 already. The Eagles will find a way to lose this game, but I’m confident that if they lose, it won’t derail the season. 

Week 4 Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers (8:20PM) W 3-1

The Eagles made up for it! I don’t understand the fear that some fans have when they talk about the 49ers. Just like how I relied on some history for the Bengals selection, this one follows suit. Basically, every team (other than the Patriots) who have lost in Super Bowls have had following year slumps. Yeah, the team the Eagles play in week 2 was in the Super Bowl two years ago. Jimmy G missed the throw to win to get the go ahead TD in the Super Bowl, and just like that he’s going to miss the opportunity to beat the Eagles. 

Week 5 Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1PM) W 4-1

The last time the Eagles played the Steelers was when Carson Wentz beat them 34-3. The Eagles will be riding high after beating the 49ers, and I don’t see 38 year old Ben Roethlisberger stopping them. Cause for concern clearly is the travel, going from west coast to east coast, but I think the Eagles win sloppy against the Steelers.

Week 6 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens (1PM) L 4-2

The Eagles don’t have the best track record as of late, with stopping mobile QBs. Since Lamar Jackson is at the peak of that category, I see the Eagles losing to the Ravens. Yet, I don’t think it’s going to be a blowout. One it’s at home, and two the Eagles will be starting to get more and more comfortable as the weeks go on. A tough defeat, will have the Eagles feeling better as they head into three straight NFC East Games. 

Week 7 Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants (8:20PM) W 5-2

I refuse to believe that the Eagles will lose to Eli 2.0. Just like Eli Manning, Daniel Jones will soon learn that you just don’t win against the Eagles, especially at home. It’s a Thursday Night Game, the Eagles don’t lose Thursday night games. This just feels like a complete blowout. It’s great you drafted an OL number four overall, because you’re going to need it this game. 

Week 8 Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys (8:20PM) W 6-2

I’m not going to get into the whole ten days rest thing against this team. I just believe that the Eagles are a more functional team than the Cowboys. This is the game that the Cowboys realized that they hired Jason Garret 2.0. Doug Pederson is going to feast in this game, especially with the deep ball. The Cowboys secondary, well it’s not great. Yeah, yeah, yeah they drafted CeeDee Lamb. Yet, what Cowboys fans and Jerry Jones don’t understand is that there is only one football. Considering the Amari Cooper shut down last time these two teams played because he wasn’t getting the ball, I don’t think he’s going to be that happy now. It takes a masterful coach to handle all of those weapons, and Mike McCarthy just isn’t that. 

Week 9 BYE

But still a win…

Week 10 Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants (1PM) W 7-2

Is Daniel Jones still their QB? Well if so, the Eagles win this game as well. Saquon can only do so much, and if you thought the Eagles’ run defense was good last year, we’ll meet Javon Hargrave. The Eagles are coming off a bye, and it might be a little sloppy in the first half, but nevertheless the Eagles win handily. 

Week 11 Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland Browns (1PM) W 8-2

It’s the Browns. 

Week 12 Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks (8:15PM) L 8-3

As long as the Earth is still rotating on the axis, the Eagles will continue to lose to the Seahawks. It’s probably going to feel like a blowout but the Eagles are going to somehow still be within a score away from winning, but still lose. This might be the only guarantee of the season, but at least it’s home right?

Week 13 Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers (4:25PM) W 9-3

The Packers were contenders last year in the playoffs, and this is the season when they start to realize that. With no weapons, Aaron Rodgers might start throwing the ball to himself. I think the Eagles will be walking into chaos, and they’ll be able to take advantage of it. 

Week 14 Philadelphia Eagles vs New Orleans Saints (4:25PM) L 9-4

Drew Brees is right behind Russell Wilson for the most terrifying matchup against the Eagles. If Brees is operating at full cylinder, and isn’t falling off a cliff, then it’s very hard to pick the Eagles. In addition, I believe that the Saints will be fighting for a wildcard spot at this time opposed to leading the NFC South. With added fuel, and Drew Brees, I have the Eagles once again falling to the Saints. 

Week 15 Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals (4:05PM) W 10-4

If I could predict one team that will drag the Eagles into OT this would be it. With DeAndre Hopkins added to Kyler Murray’s weapons, it won’t be easy to defend this team. Yet, that’s the exact reason why the Eagles traded for and extended Darrius Slay. Although, I don’t see D-Hop making the most impact in this game, a player that Eagles fans will remember, Larry Fitsgerald. It’s almost too easy to imagine Larry Fits lighting up whoever the Eagles CB2 is, and single-handedly keeping his team in the game. I still have the Eagles winning this one, and this pushes the Eagles to ten wins on the season.

Week 16 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (4:25PM) L 10-5

I believe that this is going to be the game that determines the winner of the NFC East. Just like the NFC West last year, the NFC East will have two teams make the playoffs with 11+ wins. With that, the NFC hasn’t had repeat winners since 2004, and I don’t believe this year is the exception. Looking at a close game, with possibly a bad call that pushes the game in one direction, and that is the case my money (and possibly Jerry’s money) is that it’s going to go the way of the Cowboys. 

Week 17 Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins (1PM) W 11-5

The first Jalen Hurts start of the season? The Eagles will have one of the wildcard spots locked up, and they might want to rest Wentz and some key starters for the next week. Even with Hurts starting, I have the Eagles beating the Redskins who will be playing for a better draft pick next year. I think rounding at the season the Eagles take care of business for the Redskins at home.

In conclusion, in case you missed my message in the beginning, obviously, a million things can change. Of course, this will not be right, but it’s still important to look ahead at the season and to know as a fan what the possible scenarios will be when the teams play in the season. Key predictions that won’t change, is that I believe two NFC East teams will make the playoffs. Part of that has to do with the downfall of teams like the Saints, and the 49ers. You can look at my predictions and say I’m being too optimistic, and maybe I am. But, it’s more fun to start a season with a little more hope and watch as that hope goes up and down throughout that season, instead of going in with no hopes and being proved right.


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