What does a 24 team playoff mean for the Flyers?

The NHLPA approved the NHL’s plan for a 24 team playoff yesterday, May 22nd. This means we have hockey coming! And this also means that the top four teams from each conference would get a bye in the first round and play the winner from the series of the five through twelve seed winners. Not much would change here for they are one of the four teams that would get a first round bye. But what about the new playoff format could affect the Flyers journey for the cup?

Well as stated before, not much changes. If the current standings are in place for the playoffs then they would play the winner of a Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 5 game series. Before the 24 team playoff format, the Flyers would have played the Penguins in the first round anyway. Obviously, the Canadiens are an underdog in the series but it would be interesting to see if they really want to stick around in the playoffs. Not to mention the Penguins have been really shaky right before the season stopped. This could also be a good thing for the Flyers because a first round bye could help them game plan and practice better and bring their A game for the second round. A first round bye may be just what the Flyers need to get back into the same groove they were in before the stoppage.

The Flyers were very hot when the season stopped, which is unfortunate because they were looking like they could make a deep run in the playoffs. But now with the season said to continue, a first round bye could go a long way for the Flyers and success in the playoffs. With the 24 team playoffs apparently becoming a thing, it could be exactly what the Flyers needed in order to bring the cup back to Philly.

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