Phillies lose to orioles in exhibition game: Breaking it down

Baseball is finally back it is great. We finally all get to watch some phillies baseball once again.


Zack wheeler tonight pitched 4 and a third giving up 2 earned runs. Not awful but it looked like every pitch was a battle. It’s safe to say it wasn’t his most efficient he’s been, Wheeler definitely didn’t have his best stuff tonight. Although that is expected in his first outing ( not counting intrasquads). Wheeler maybe could’ve cleaned up a few things but all in all looked pretty good.

After Wheeler, Connor Brogdon, Jose Álvarez, Vìctor Arano, Reggie Mcclain, and Austin Davis, all pitched pretty good. Despite hanging a few, pitches witch resulted in homeruns, I think all of them looked really good for their firsts outings. Mcclain and Davis were the only ones who gave up runs and they were both solo homeruns witch really isn’t the worst thing.


The phillies really didn’t hit all that well tonight. They couldn’t push runs across. 8 hits with only one run is not ideal. Although the Phils didn’t hit great there are some positives about some players performance. Andrew Mccutchen drove in a two out run witch was the only run the phillies scored. Harper still looks good going 2 for 3 and a walk on the night. Rhys hoskins also went 2 for 3 on the night. JT realmuto (sign him please) went 1 for 3 but got robbed of a homerun or at least a double so i thought he looked pretty good. Other then that the phillies did not look great at the plate.

We did get to see Alec Bohm play tonight. He played a decent first base but did not hit well. He went 0 for 1 while grounding into a double play in his only at bat. I think Alex bohm is totally slept on the win rookie of the year.


Man it was weird with no fans at the stadium but I really don’t care as long as there is baseball. The fan sound affects were very realistic until a speaker broke and causes a delay. I can’t wait for the cardboard cutouts of people behind the plate, which i’ve seen at other stadiums and it’s just enough distracting to the pitcher that it looks good. It was definitely different and it always will be the Phillies fuel of off the fans just like every other philly team.


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