Why The Flyers Will Go 2-1 In The East Qualifying Round Robin Games

The Philadelphia Flyers will be playing 3 games against 3 different teams on August 2nd, 6th, and 8th, in order to find out playoff seedings. We will be playing the Boston Bruins on the 2nd, Washington Capitals on the 6th, and Tampa Bay Lightning on the 8th. I believe that the Flyers will go 2-1 in these 3 games. Let me tell you why I think we will win game 1 against the Boston Bruins.

I think we will beat the Boston Bruins, with the score being 4-3 while ending in an overtime goal. I think we will win this because the Flyers always have good and close games against the Bruins and we’ve beaten this team in the regular season before. Also, the Flyers and the Bruins have a great rivalry so I believe that the Flyers will give it all they got to win this game. Another reason is that Tuukka Rask is known for choking in the playoffs so I believe we will be able to get some goals past him and stick in this game. Lastly, the Flyers are a hot and contending team going into the playoffs, so I think they will be motivated to win this game. Now, I will move onto why we will beat the Washington Capitals.

I feel like we will easily beat the Capitals, with the score being 5-1. I feel this because in the regular season we’ve blown out the Capitals twice, with the scores being 7-2 and 5-2. I think we will also blow them out in this game because we have their number and I think we could easily intimidate them. Another reason is that Braeden Holtby is starting to lose some of his talents so I believe that we can easily get some early goals on him. Lastly, we always do good against the Capitals and don’t seem to have any weaknesses, while playing against them. I will now tell you why we will lose to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In my opinion, I feel that we will lose to the Tampa Bay Lightning with the score being 3-2. I think this will be a very close game and go down to the wire, but I think the Lighting will pull away with this game. I think this because the Lightning has had our number for years now and always find a way to intimidate us and take the game away from us. Also, the lightning having better players than us in almost every position and have multiple players who are/were the best at their position. Additionally, the Lightning really wants the Stanley Cup bad, since they’ve gotten upset the last couple times they have made the playoffs. Lastly, I think the Flyers have a way better chance to beat the Bruins than the Lighting.

As you can see, this is why I think the Flyers will go 2-1 in the “East qualifying round robin,” games. I hope you enjoyed!


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