Next Year is Our Year

“There’s always next year,” a saying people often say when their teams get eliminated from or don’t make the playoffs. This is not the current situation with the Flyers, as I speak, but that doesn’t stop me from talking about why I think the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup next year.

The Flyers will win the Stanley Cup for many reasons. One is the return of forward, Oskar Lindblom. Lindblom was having an all-star caliber year, before finding out that he had cancer. With him back, it will add another point scorer to our team and will make us deadlier and harder to stop. Also, the return of Lindblom will help us in a great way defensively, which will make our opponents have a lesser chance to score on us. Lastly, Lindblom gives a 100% effort while on the ice and is trusted by his teammates to capitalize on his goal-scoring opportunities.

The off-season is another reason for my point. The off-season will have a huge impact on our Stanley Cup chances. The off-season comes with the NHL Draft. In the draft, we could draft a star defenseman that will fill our team needs. This defenseman will make our team much better and eliminate some of our weak spots. Aside from the NHL Draft, there’s also Free Agency. Free Agency will be quite important to us because we could sign multiple players that will support the team. Free Agency will also make our team more powerful.

The final reason is progression. The Flyers have many young, star players with a ton of potential. These players will going to get better and better every year. For example, Travis Konecny, Ivan Provorov, Carter Hart, Oskar Lindblom, Nolan Patrick, Scott Laughton, Joel Farabee, Morgan Frost, Travis Sanheim, and Phillippe Myers, are all young players with a bright future. This will help the team by making us have a greater amount of firepower and be more feared.

Next year is our year. You can’t take that away from us!

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