The 76ers head coach Brett Brown has been all Philly fans most hated guy in Philly sports this year. This Disappointing season by the 76ers has been a big part of bad coaching and coach Brett Brown has to figure something out. So before the restart head coach Brett Brown made a lineup change that caught the attention of all Philly Sports fans, that change was moving Ben Simmons to Power Forward, Shake Milton to starting PG, and Sixers off-season signing Al Horford to the bench. After 2 Games of the restart the 76ers have given up 53 points to Pacers Gaurd T.J Warren and 30 to Spurs Forward DeMar DeRozan, so is this lineup change really working ?So with 2 weeks away until the NBA Playoffs the 76ers coaching needs to figure out a good strategy to help the 76ers make a deep run.

2. Chemistry

So Chemistry has also been a big part of the 76ers underachieving season. And it also doesn’t help that Sixers off-season signing Al Horford Said in a press conference that the team has been having locker room problems . It has been clear that superstar center Joel Embiid and star G/F Ben Simmons has trouble getting in rhythm when on the floor together and part of that is because of chemistry . In a sport like basketball is important to have chemistry and be on the same page because that could go a long way in team success and getting in rhythm on the court. If the 76ers do not get good chemistry going by playoff time than then the 76ers lose to a team like the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics In the first round of the NBA Playoffs


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