Will Carson Wentz be Injured Again?

Carson Wentz was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016 and has been injured every season ever since. As the Eagles seem to have proved themselves this season, Wentz still fell behind and was injured by Jadeveon Clowney. But, Doug Pederson said that Carson could be seeing a big playoff run this year. And as Wentz keeps getting more momentum each season we could be seeing a big season for him. But the big question is ‘will we see a big season for Wentz?’ or ‘will we see a terrible, let-down season?’ I believe that the Eagles will make a big playoff run, and a HUGE combeack by Wentz. Wentz will be able to prove himself and make playoffs, he will take the Eagles to the playoffs and hopefully play a healthy season. The Eagles will also prove themself with Fletcher Cox, Jalen Reagor, DeSean Jackson, and Miles Sanders. Thank you for reading my article today, if you have any thoughts please comment them. I’m Harrison Epley and I will see you in my next article.


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