Rise Of Mattise Thybulle: Here’s everything you need to know about him!

I think everyone knows about Sixers young star, Mattise Thybulle. He won everyone’s hearts during this pandemic by making vlogs on YouTube. Thybulle, who started making vlogs in July, gained 370k+ Subscribers in less than a month. But there are some more things you should know about Him.

Mattise Vincent Thybulle is 23 year old Sixers rising star. Washington University Shooting Guard was chosen 20th by Boston Celtics in 2019 NBA Draft, but they immediately traded him to Philadelphia 76ers. Thybulle, averaged 4.7pts; 1.6 Reb and 1.2ast this season. Mattise’s defense amazed Sixers fans and everyone fell in love with his game(not only). Unfortunately Thybulle was snubbed from NBA Rising Stars game. After that incident, Mattise fired his agent and decided to join Australia Boomers(Australia Men’s National Team).

Mattise has a sister, Chloe and father, Gregg. Sadly, Mattise lost his mother, Elizabeth when he was 17. When Matisse crossed the stage at the Barclays Center on Draft Night and shook the NBA commissioner’s hand after being drafted, one of the first things he thought of was his mother. “I wish she was here to see it” Mattise told ESPN commissioner through tears after they announced him as 20 pick in NBA Draft.

Today, Mattise is in the Bubble with his teammates, waiting for playoffs. Sixers play Celtics in the first round. Let’s hope Mattise and Sixers play well and stay healthy!


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