What Did The Slay And Jackson Video Really Mean

Friday afternoon a video surfaced the internet of Desean Jackson and Darius slay lining up against each other in practice . Some Eagles fans are concerned because of Darius Slay getting beat, other eagles fans are excited to see Desean Jackson win his matchup against the eagles #1 corner back.

So should eagles fans should be concerned for Slay or exited for Jackson? As some eagles fans may be concerned you actually should be exited for Desean Jackson as he is 100 percent healthy and still has good speed for his age. Also eagles fans have to understand that this is one of Slay’s First Practice as an eagle so he still needs to get comfortable in the locker room and learn the defensive playbook . So eagles fans shouldn’t be concerned because Desean is back and healthy and Slay is still learning the Jim Schwartz defensive Scheme again because Schwartz was his coach in Slay’s rookie year but it has been 7 years since the two was in Detroit together.

So What does the video actually mean? It means that Slay is getting challenged by his teammates to take on one of the best receivers on the team and he took the challenge and now he will get better at defending the deep ball and continue to learn this defense. Now what does this mean for Jackson? Well after seeing that Jackson should continue to gain that confidence, stay healthy and continue to gain chemistry with QB Carson Wentz. So eagles fans shouldn’t be concerned as we are a month away from kickoff against the Washington Football Team


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