One Way The 76ers Don’t Need To Part Ways With Brett Brown

Let’s start with this; Every Sixers fan has established an opinion on HC, Brett Brown, whether it be good or bad. Many have wanted to part ways with Brett Brown, and I cannot agree more; he is not worthy of being a head coach. For starters, he cannot keep a lead, and this has been witnessed time and time again by 76ers fans who watch the games. His late-game rotations have never been good, and he doesn’t make good late-game choices. It also seems as though he has failed to earn the players’ respect. The point is, he’s never been a great coach. Brett has been coaching pretty well in the Orlando bubble, and a deep playoff run without Ben Simmons could ultimately save his job, but that’s besides the point. Here we will be looking at one way the 76ers don’t need to part ways with Brett Brown.

Someone might look at the title of the article and ask themselves,” Why wouldn’t we want to part ways with this awful head coach once and for all?” The reason why 76ers fans may not want to part ways with Brett Brown, despite their frustration with him, is because of how much the team and Brown have been together, and although it may not seem like it, how much they have accomplished. Brown has been in Philadelphia since the “Process” days, when the 76ers were a train wreck. The Sixers and Brown got through all that losing, and have accomplished the task of building a team capable of making the playoffs, led by 2 young, bright stars in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. I am apart of the select fans that don’t want to part ways with Brett Brown completely.

As I established before, Brett Brown is not a good coach, and I am all for driving him out of that head coach position. But what if he doesn’t need to be the head coach, exactly? If he is willing to be an assistant coach, he would fit very well here in Philadelphia. There have been multiple cases of not-so-great head coaches that make solid assistant coaches, and Brett Brown could be a perfect example of that, and he could be one of the better assistant coaches in the league as well. He isn’t new to the idea of being an assistant coach either. He once was an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs under Gregg Popovich for a 7-season stretch. His time with the 76ers as a head coach would be very beneficial to the team as well because he would help a new coach fit in with the team in no time, and give a new head coach insight on the team, the players, how to connect with them, etc. Although Brett Brown came to the 76ers to be a head coach in 2013, it would be a beautiful thing if he is willing to take the backseat but still work with the players, as it would benefit the team greatly, and unleash their true potential.

Ultimately, if there is one coach 76ers fans would want to succeed and thrive with, it should be Brett Brown for the various reasons listed above.


One thought on “One Way The 76ers Don’t Need To Part Ways With Brett Brown

  1. Ahmar Ashraf sounds pretty convincing in his observations about the suitability of Brett Brown as an assistant coach in the 76rs.
    The author makes a strong case with his critical analysis of Brown’s past performances ensuring to derive best of him in his new role for the 76rs and its fans .

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