3 Possible Trades the Sixers can look into

The Sixers took a devastating loss last night to the Boston Celtics. The series is totally controlled by Boston. This loss made the Sixers look like they needed a serious makeover. Firing the coach and general manager and changing the roster could be coming in the near future. Here are three mock trades I think are realistic and good ideas for the Sixers this upcoming offseason:

  • Sixers Receive: Zach Lavine, Thaddeus Young
  • Bulls Receive: Al Horford, Tobias Harris, Zhaire Smith, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

This mock trade works out for both teams. The Bulls get two picks for rebuild and solid players in Tobias Harris and Al Horford. However, the Bulls have to take Harris and Horford’s heavy contracts and give up on Lavine. I doubt they trade Lavine without letting him play under a new coach. If the Bulls do look into trading Lavine, I think the Sixers would be a good suitor. The Sixers get a top 10 shooting guard in the young Zach Lavine and get rid of Horford and Harris’s contracts, while only giving up two picks. Zhaire hasn’t proven he can be a rotational player, so he would be included. We also get depth and a reunion in Young. The lineup would most likely consist of Milton, Lavine, Richardson, Simmons, Embiid.

  • Sixers Receive: Blake Griffin, Langston Galloway
  • Pistons Receive: Al Horford, Glenn Robinson III, Zhaire Smith, Mike Scott, 2nd round pick

Another realistic mock trade for the Sixers is a Pistons-Sixers trade. The Pistons get some bench pieces and a Griffin-Horford swap after hearing Blake might want out of Detroit. This is very beneficial because Griffin can shoot and space well, and isn’t a stretch center, unlike Horford. I would like this trade very much, and I don’t think it’s a long shot, either. Our lineup would look like Milton, Richardson, Harris, Griffin, and Embiid.

  • Sixers Receive: Buddy Hield, Cory Joesph, Nemanja Bjelica
  • Kings Receive: Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Mike Scott, Zhaire Smith, 2nd round pick

This trade is the most probable option in my mind. The Kings already had heavy interest in Horford, so I don’t think they would mind taking his contract. Giving up Richardson would be tough, but we would need those two bench pieces so I think we should throw him in there. Joesph and Bjelica would be great bench pieces for us as well. Hield would fit perfectly, and would quickly adopt a catch-and-shoot role with the Sixers. Our lineup would most likely look like Milton, Hield, Harris, Simmons, Embiid.


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