Phillies Bullpen Struggles Continue: What Klentak Needs To Do

With the Phillies bullpen struggles continuing Matt Klentak needs to do something to save his job. The Phillies bullpen has the worst ERA since ERA has been used. In Thursday’s doubleheader against the Blue Jays, the bullpen blew both games. The defense sure didn’t help them but that still shouldn’t be a factor. When the Phillies got swept by the Orioles the bullpen didn’t show up either.

Klentak finally did do something as he traded reliever Addison Russ for veteran reliever David Hale. Hale isn’t a bad pitcher and hopefully he’s better then the rest of the bullpen which really can’t be that hard. Klentak still needs to do more though. They could trade someone like Jean Segura for a bullpen arm like Brandon Workman. This is a very possible trade if Klentak isn’t stupid like he always is.

There is not one bullpen arm I or probably anybody trusts to keep a lead for the Phillies. Once the bullpen gets better they could very well be a contender to win the NL East and possibly the whole National League.


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