What is the impact of having no fans in the stadiums?

The NFL, due to Covid-19 have cancelled the fans from coming into the stadiums, just as any other sports leauge. But does everyone really understand what impact it will have. Almost all of the players have noted that that will certainly affect they way they play. Carson Wentz knows how weird it would be to play without fans. “It would be really weird, I’ll tell you that,” he told NBC Sports reporter, “playing at NDSU, we had some road games now and then that we played in front of just a couple fans. So I kind of know the feeling probably more than some.” But most players knew that because it will be affecting them mentally, it would affect them physically, it will take away the home field advantage. What could the players do to prevent this? They could not let the fact of no fans get into their heads or not want to play because of no fans. A couple players have already opted out due to not having fans. The NFL in this fact, I believe, have made a good decision, although they could have limited the fans allowed in a stadium, and hired people to clean it. But at the end of the day, they are following good guidelines and are practicing good habits for this season. I’m Harrison Epley, from Philadelphia Sports Chronicle, and thank you for reading my article.


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