How Concerned Should the Eagles be About Wentz’s Injury History?

Carson Wentz has suffered an injury that made his season end each of the last three seasons. In 2017, Wentz suffered a season-ending torn ACL and LCL, in 2018, he was banged up since the start and hurt his back early in the year, then sat out the last few games because of it, including the playoffs. In 2019, Wentz managed to play all 16 games, playing at an elite level the last 5, but a late hit by Jadaveon Clowney early in the playoff game caused him to miss basically the whole game with a concussion and the Eagles would go on to lose. But how concerned should the Eagles actually be?

There has been one common theme with Wentz’s injuries, they all have been on an unlucky hits. None of them have been non-contact. Even the ACL injury. Wentz’s injuries have all simply just been unlucky hits. Which in all honesty is a good sign. A lot of players who suffer ligament tears usually means they suffer it on non-contact and they can easily tear it again. Also, a lot of injury prone players have similar re-occurring injuries. For example, Robert Griffin III and Sam Bradford had constant knee problems, Andrew Luck had constant shoulder problems, and Tony Romo had many back injuries. Each of Wentz’s injuries were not related. He tore his ACL, suffered a back injury, and had a concussion. It would be a different story if he had a constant injury to the same area and if it was non-contact.

The Wentz being injury prone statement is really overblown. He is not constantly questionable every week, or have random soreness that holds him out of practice throughout the season. It is more of him suffering an unlucky hit in a game at towards the end of the year. The Eagles were smart investing high in a backup QB with Jalen Hurts, you should always be prepared, but, Wentz’s past injuries are not something that is constant. It is not a constant knee issue, back, or anything in the same spot. It normally is an unlucky hit. Getting a talented young backup with Jalen Hurts is not a bad idea because Wentz can just be straight up unlucky. The Eagles should not worry about Wentz’s injury history as much as the media says they should.


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