Was Jalen Reagor Worth a First Rounder?

Jalen Reagor, a former TCU Horned Frog, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 21st pick of the 2020 NFL draft. The Eagles had selected Reagor becuase Ceedee Lamb, a former Oklahoma Sooner, was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. It is no doubt that Jalen Reagor is a very good wide reciever, but was he worth the Eagles first round pick? The Philadelphia Eagles were in desperate need of a wide reciever, since all of the starters are getting injured left and right, but Reagor most likely could have waited until the 2nd round. The Eagles were also in need of linebackers, a new defensive lineman, and like I said, wide recievers. The Eagles could have snagged Patrick Queen, former LSU Tiger, in the first round, but let him go and let the Baltimore Ravens have him with the 28th pick. For the defensive lineman? The Eagles could have had Justin Madubuike, rated third best overall in defensive tackles in the 2020 NFL draft, but Madubuike was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens with the 71st overall pick. And now for the wide recievers, Jalen Reagor may not be the ground they need to kickstart this position. Reagor has proved himself in college but can he prove himself in the NFL? Will Reagor be a draft bust or will he be the best decision that Philadelphia has made in the draft? We will hopefully see on September 13th, at 1:00 PM ET, against the Washington Football Team. I’m Harrison Epley and thank you for reading my article today, I’ll see you next time on my next article.


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