2 Shooters the Sixers Must Pursue This Offseason

After a disappointing ending to the season, Elton Brand (Sixers GM) definitely has his plate full this offseason. It’s obvious what the Sixers need to take care of and that is there shooting woes. There is no go-to guy to shoot the ball after the loss of JJ Redick, and the Sixers have struggled shooting the ball ever since. Here’s two automatic free agent snipers who would improve the team’s overall shooting immensely.

  • Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets

Joe Harris is an excellent shooter off the catch and off the dribble. He was easily Brooklyn’s best shooter this year, shooting 42.4 from 3. He is probably the most realistic signing this offseason, and the Sixers could definitely sign him for cheap. The Nets sound like they want to contain Harris, but if Elton is aggressive like he’s known to be, Harris could be a viable option and maybe a likely one.

  • Davis Bertans, Washington Wizards

Another awesome option that we should look into is 3 and D Davis Bertans. Bertans prove this season he can shoot the ball very efficiently and play complimenting defense as well, and had a fantastic season. Without Wall, Davis was an excellent shooter and in the starting lineup this year, shooting 42.5 from 3 this year. However, unlike Harris, Bertans will be harder to acquire, as many teams who can pay him a lot of money are interested in acquiring him this offseason, so Elton will have to work extra hard if he wants to try and sign Davis. Nonetheless, he’d be a phenomenal signing and would boost our bench production instantly.


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