Things we need to do to stop the washington pass rush

So with week 1 coming up the eagles are clear favorites against their division opponent washington. But one way washington could succeed is by rushing the passer so the eagles need to make sure to limit that.

#1 Wentz’s Mobility

Carson Wentz is a very talented QB and on of the things that makes his good is his mobility. Against this good washington D line he needs to do that. When he needs to he has to escape the pocket and get key sacks. We also should run alot of play actions with him rolling out if the pocket to keep the defense guessing and keep them off balance. So if the eagles want to make sure that washington doesn’t get pressure this is one of the things we need to do.

#2 Good O line blocking

I mean, this is obvious with lane Johnson being questionable we need guys like Jason Kelce, and Peters to step up big time our two tackle positions needs to protect Wentz’s blindside and the Right guard has to give Wentz at least 3 seconds to drop back and read the defense. If this offensive line gives wentz enough time to read the defense the eagles can really be in control the game

3 Establish the run game

if the eagles wanna limit the pass rush they have to establish the run. They have to take advantage of the fact that washington was the second worst run defense last year. And if we establish the run that will open up the play action and play action will keep the defense guessing and will open up the pass game and give the offensive line more and more confidence so establishing the run could be very important this game .

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