Breaking Down the Eagles Loss Week 1 and moving on to Week 2

The Eagles faced the Washington Football Team in their season opener on Sunday. The Eagles jumped out to a 17 point lead in the game, but they blew that lead, and the Football Team beat them 27-17. This is a horrible loss, definitely one of the worst for Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz. No exaggeration, this loss was terrible. Carson Wentz was sacked 8 times! That’s right, eight times. The Eagles offensive line going into this game was

LT Jason Peters
LG Isaac Seumalo
C Jason Kelce
RG Nate Herbig
RT Jack Driscoll

This offensive line was horrendous in the game. I do believe that a couple of these sacks could have been avoided if Carson would throw the ball away, which he never does. Carson Wentz was missing easy throws and misplaying balls. Also, the Eagles never really established a run game. Granted, the Eagles were without their starting RB Miles Sanders, and their lack of effectively running the ball was almost none existent. This was not a good coaching game by Doug Pederson by any means. The offense as a whole was very disappointing. There were some positives, like Dallas Goedert who who played well, but overall it was very unfortunate.

The defense wasn’t too bad considering the field position they were given. Darius Slay looked pretty good, which was very encouraging. There are some issues with the defense, but they are manageable, compared to what the offense has going for them right now. Thankfully, we should see Lane Johnson back at right tackle this week vs the Rams.

With all that being said, the Eagles have their home opener this Sunday at 1:00 ET, with no fans at the Linc of course.

This week’s game could end very badly for the Eagles, if the offense plays anything like they did Sunday (including Carson Wentz). If this happens, they will lose. The Eagles offensive line will have the task this week to attempt to block Aaron Donald from getting to Carson. This will be VERY difficult for the Eagles offensive line. I am very worried about this, and I don’t think as of right now that the line is going to be able to contain him. What I do know is that Carson needs to throw the ball away! He seemed to stay in the pocket and simply wait to get taken down. Carson Wentz needs to get rid of the ball. Carson needs to learn it is okay to throw the ball away when he is about to get sacked.

I really hope Miles Sanders will return this Sunday, we need a dominant run game. We need to see a completely different offense than we saw this past Sunday. We also need to hope this team does not continue to suffer losses due to injuries, as we have already seen a lot of injuries from training camp and week one. I hope we see a turn around from the Birds this Sunday!


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