Rumor: Sixers Think the Hire of Mike D’Antoni Will Lure James Harden to Philly

A recent report came out regarding the Sixers coaching search, and regarding free agent coach Mike D’Antoni who was linked to the Sixers before. Insiders believe the Sixers may want to hire D’Antoni because they think James Harden of the Houston Rockets, who D’Antoni used to coach, would be willing to sign or trade to come to the Sixers. There are many insiders who think D’Antoni is the frontrunner for a head coach because of this. In this article, we will be diving into why this is a bad idea.

  1. Mike D’Antoni

Reportedly, the main factor Mike is the frontrunner is because of this rumor. No matter who the player is, we shouldn’t sign a coach just to get a player unless it is a 100% done deal. D’Antoni wouldn’t be a bad coach, but there is speculation that since he runs a small-ball offense, Joel Embiid might be traded for shooters to fit his offense, which is not a good idea either. The Sixers should hire a coach that can discipline our players, be a leader, and have a solid game plan on both sides of the floor for our stars. If we truly do hire D’Antoni just to possibly acquire Harden, then he could be the wrong fit and not cooperate well with the team.

2. James Harden

I love James Harden, and personally think he is the best offensive player in the league. But he will be 33 when he becomes a free agent and might be a liability because of his age. Also, trading Embiid or Simmons for him would defeat the whole purpose of trading for him. Now onto the important part, his gameplay. As we all know, James Harden is an amazing shooter and scorer, but usually needs the ball in his hands to perform well and contribute to the team. However, Joel needs the ball to succeed as well and isn’t a good off-ball player yet. Harden might interfere with the little chemistry Ben and Joel already has, which would again defeat the whole purpose of acquiring him in the first place. All in all, I do NOT think hiring D’Antoni because of a “rumor” that James Harden would come to Philly. Thanks for reading!


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