Second Half Sorrows,Eagles vs Rams week 2 Recap

Eagles vs Rams week 2 full recap

Once again The Philadelphia Eagles who were outplayed mostly in the first half against Jared Goff and the La Rams were able to nod the score at 21-16 just before halftime Sunday as the team was down 21-3 at one point. Similar to the opener against Washington in which the team surrendered 27 unanswered pointers after having a 17-0 lead, the Eagles got worse as the game went on. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the score was 24-16 La. A field goal from Jake Elliot would push the Eagles closer 24-19 and that was as close as they would get Sunday to their first win of the season. The Rams followed with 2 touchdowns en route to a 37-19 victory over the Eagles. Now surely this game wasn’t nearly as bad as the opener collapse against Washington but an 0-2 start has a large majority of Eagles fans rattled and looking for answers. But there are always 2 sides to every story so let’s look at the bright one for the Eagles. Miles sanders made his season debut Sunday and looked rather good running the ball(20 carries,95yds, TD) Desean Jackson as well caught a couple of balls for 6 receptions and 64 yards, and then of course there’s Carson Wentz who looked awful Sunday with a stat line of 26-43 242 yards and 2 interceptions and a car less than 40 Sunday. So what’s next for the Eagles? A lot of fans are prematurely taking a breather for next weekend’s game, but even next weekend is no guarantee. If we’ve learned anything from this Eagles team this will most likely be a season of some ups, twists, turns, and a lot of downs. The team stays put in Philly to host Joe Burrow and the Bengals next weekend. Despite(Cincinnati) 0-2, Mr. Burrow has looked rather nice so far in his short stint in the NFL. The team is coming off of an offensive battle they lost to Cleveland. Mixon had a tough time running the ball last week forcing Burrow to throw an unreasonable amount of football last week. 61 to be exact. The Eagles shut down the run quite well and Burrow might be in for a difficult game. One thing is for sure the Eagles can’t certainly let their guard down against a Cincinnati because most will agree it would be in the Eagles best interest to nod their first win next weekend because following next weekend the team faces a daunting schedule of three consecutive games against much more skilled teams. (the Eagles) following their match up with Cincinnati the team will travel to San Francisco, then Pittsburgh, then comes back home against Baltimore and the Eagles will most likely not have their way in a few of those games. So while many Eagles fans panic, it would be in the teams best interest to come out with a win next Sunday. Usually, the 31st of October is the scariest day of the month but if the Eagles do not start winning every October Sunday will be just as scary.


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