Potential Eagles 2021 Draft Gems, Episode 10: Jefferson Souza

The beginning of the 2020 season has been a rough start for the Eagles. One of the people who has struggled the most is Jake Elliott.

The star kicker has had a rough start to the season, with hitting only 8-12 as of week 7. That’s only 66.7%, which is low for the kicker making 5.75 million this season. With this slump, I suggest that Philadelphia get some competition for 2021 if it doesn’t get better.

We head down to the historically black college in Virginia Union for a hidden gem. Introducing Jefferson Souza, the 6’1 185-pound kicker from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Last season in the CIAA Souza, he was named special teams player of the year. He is also a two-time 1st Team All-CIAA kicker of the year.

This previous year, Jefferson was 15-16 on his field goals, which is the consistency we’re looking for. You might be asking if he can hit NFL range kicks, and the answer to that is yes, as his longest field goal being 49 yards in-game.

In his career from freshman year to junior year, he is 38/47 in his career so far, which is a field goal make of 80.8%, and 60% on kicks between 40-49 yards. He does kickoffs as well, with 184 for 11,135 yards and 48 touchbacks.

If Souza keeps this up, he would be a great candidate to bring in for training camp and preseason for 2021. Sometimes the greatest kickers come out of the smallest schools throughout the country, and Jefferson might not be any different. Jefferson would be a UDFA (undrafted free agent) come the 2021 NFL draft.


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