Can the Eagles remain in control of the NFC East?

The Eagles played the Cowboys on November 1st, and this was a very sloppy and hard to watch football game. The Eagles had lots of struggles throughout the game, but fortunately came out of it with a win. Carson Wentz did not have a good game, as he committed four turnovers. Two of them were interceptions, and the other two were fumbles. Despite their injuries, the Eagles should not have struggled against a Cowboys team which was both injured and pathetic.

After this game, the Eagles entered a bye week. There was some bye-week drama with Safety Marcus Epps testing positive for Covid-19, along with an Eagles coach. Because of this, the Eagles meetings needed to be all virtual. Doug Pederson said, “We had a really good session this morning virtually. We leaned on our experiences from the spring and the summer in training camp with the virtual stuff. We had a really good session with the players and their meetings.”

The Eagles are set to play the New York Giants at MetLife stadium at 1:00 pm ET on Sunday.

I believe the Eagles will win this Sunday if they can execute on offense. Carson Wentz has been generating a lot of turnovers by making mistakes, such as holding the ball too long and forcing plays. Per John Clark, Carson said he has looked at his turnovers, and a lot of them are his having to just throw the ball away, and maybe being too aggressive at times. “Just eat it. Learn to live to play another down. Sometimes it’s just trying to do much.”

After this week, the schedule is tough. After the Giants, the Eagles will play the Browns, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, and Cardinals. These are all going to be very difficult games, in a stretch where the Eagles need to win.

The Eagles sit at (3-4-1) and have a tough schedule ahead of them, however, before we focus on all the future games, they need to take care of business this week. I have confidence in this team and in Carson Wentz, and I think the Eagles will win again this Sunday.


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