Giants Vs Eagles week 10 game review, Eagles without wings

The goal in every football game is simple, win, but if you’ve watched any NFC East team play this year you’d think otherwise. Despite a year of bad and ugly play the Eagles(3-5-1) currently hold the division title, meaning they would host a wildcard team in the first round of the playoffs had the season ended today. but then again maybe every NFC East’s team season has already ended at least in most divisions. Only in the NFC East can a 3-7 team have a viable shot to win the division. The giants and Eagles met Sunday for the 2nd matchup of the season, with the Eagles edging out the first one a few weeks back in Philly.

Unlike the first game in which these two met The Giants controlled almost all aspects of this one. Miles sanders made his return to the Eagles but he didn’t exactly get the number of touches most had expected, despite that he was able to get 85. Carson Wentz failed to throw for a touchdown Sunday as he continues the unpredictable roller coaster of a season as the Eagles were able to only muster up an FG in the first two quarters with the Giants leading 14-3 at Half. The Eagles were able to muster two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter with the Giants adding one of their own.

The 4th quarter was relatively quiet with just two field goals from the giants propelling them to a 27-17 victory. Daniel Jones seemed to have no problem connecting Sunday,21-28 with 244 yards, he also added 64 yards on the ground and a rushing TD as well. The Giants head to their bye week which may be something they don’t want considering the momentum the team is starting to build. The Eagles on the other hand will look to get something just anything going as they head to Cleveland next week to play a talented but very inconsistent Browns team. Regardless, from a Bird’s eye view despite sporting a 3-7 record it looks like the New York Giants have the most going for them and pending this level of play continues for them a nice run and even an ugly record of 7-9 or even 6-10 could shockingly result in a division title/playoff berth and better yet a home playoff game! Washington knows a good defense wins games the only problem is they have to know scoring points does also, efficiently. The Cowboys have not been the same since Prescott win down with an awful leg injury and the Eagles well, they just don’t seem to fly without wings.


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