What is the future for Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz?

Since beating the Cowboys on November 1st, the Eagles have lost three straight games. They lost to the New York Giants 17-27, they lost to the Cleveland Browns 17-22, and most recently they fell to the Seattle Seahawks 17-23. This game looks closer than it actually was. In reality, the Eagles scored a garbage-time touchdown, and completed a two-point conversion.

This season has taken a complete nose dive for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has been filled with injuries, have had terrible coaching, and always finds a way to ruin your Sunday. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie didn’t attend the Eagles vs Browns game in Cleveland, reportedly out of frustration with his team.

It seems now that there will be no huge comeback at the end of the season to clinch the NFC East, especially with the Eagle’s next three games: at the Packers, home vs Saints, and at the Cardinals. These are all going to be very tough games, and I don’t think they will win any of these games.

I do not have any faith in Doug calling plays for this football team anymore, and he is constantly making poor decisions. I think we also need to blame GM Howie Roseman for the way things are. He has consistently, year after year, made poor drafting decisions. Most talked about is passing on DK Metcalf and drafting JJ Arcega-Whiteside instead.

I think after this season it is time to part ways with Howie and Doug. Doug has time and time again made terrible coaching decisions and it is clear he is incapable of calling plays. He needs to give up play-calling all together. It feels like forever ago when Doug said winning was the “new norm” around here.

For Carson Wentz, he has had a bad season. He has thrown the most interceptions in the NFL this season. He has missed lots of throws and has made many poor decisions with the football. He has not played well and does not deserve a pass, but I think we need to blame Howie and Doug more for the fall of the team. Carson has been sacked the most in the NFL, but to be fair, some of these sacks could have been avoided. The Eagles have the most drops in the NFL this season with 29, and the offensive line has been the farthest thing from stable. Even though Carson has had a negative season, I don’t think he is the main problem here. Like I said earlier, I think the Eagles need to part ways with Howie and Doug after this season. It is not the time to give up on Carson Wentz yet. I would like to see more of Jalen Hurts in the future since they drafted him. They need to give him a chance and see what he can do. I do not think Doug knows what to do with Hurts, it has been a disaster.

I feel like Carson has been put in a terrible position this year, and I think that it is also unfortunate for Jalen Hurts, as he is in a bad position and has been placed in the offense for only one or two plays at a time. The whole situation is a big mess, and I think it starts at the top with Doug and Howie. Granted, the majority of the players have underperformed this season as well.

I think it is time to focus on the future, and building a better football team for the next season and for years to come.

As always, Fly Eagles Fly, because part of being a fan is sticking with your team and supporting them through the good AND bad times.


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