Ben Simmons Must Be Traded In Order for the 76ers to Compete for a Championship This Season.


Ben Simmons has been under a lot of heat recently, and it’s easy to see why. He’s not been nearly as agressive as someone with his body frame should be. To prove this point, think about this: Simmons has attempted just 9 field goals per game thus far. He’s been passing out of shots under the basket, which shouldn’t be the case as a 6’10 guard; you have to take advantage of those situations. Then there’s still his lack of a jump shot. Floor spacing goes down the drain when Simmons is on the court. Ben has a very well-rounded game, but there are still flaws which he hasn’t fixed since his rookie year, and it will come back to bite. Joel Embiid is in his prime, but Simmons will hold him back, and as good as the Sixers have been up to this point, Ben will become a liability and lose them basketball games come playoff time. Joel Embiid will not be able to play at this high of a level for very long; this is why trading Ben Simmons for an offensive weapon should be in the Sixers’ best interest.

For Who?

Who should Ben Simmons be traded for? That’s the real question. The James Harden ship has sailed (the Rockets would’ve gotten a better package from the 76ers), but he would’ve been ideal. Some other options that come to mind are Bradley Beal (27), and Zach LaVine (25), both players that would grow nicely with Joel Embiid.

Would a Team With Joel Embiid and Beal/LaVine Be Able to Compete With Other Teams Such As the Nets?

Now this is tough. The Nets WILL be the team to beat in the Eastern conference, especially after that James Harden blockbuster trade. We can’t be for sure until the new-look Nets play with each other, but I am certain that a lineup with Joel Embiid and Bradley Beal/Zach LaVine would have a better chance of winning a 7-game series against Brooklyn. These players are guys that wouldn’t pass out of shots, that would do what it takes to get better and win games for their team.

All in all, I, as many other fans, don’t think Simmons will be enough to push us over the hump. Trading him would give the 76ers a legit chance to represent the East in the Finals.


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