Potential Eagles 2021 Draft Gems, Episode 14: Dalton Holt

Player Preview:
Dalton Holt, Defensive back
College: Slippery Rock
6’0, 195-Pounds

Dalton Holt is a two-year starter at defensive back for The Rock. In those two years starting, he has become the emotional and physical leader for that secondary, as he helped them go undefeated in conference play back-to-back years. Racking up 40+ solo tackles years (40 in 2018 and 47 in 2019), while also having total tackles be in the 50+ range (59 in 2018 and 78 in 2019).

The Positives:
While looking at Holt’s game you notice positional flexibility, as he has been able to play free safety and shadow the faster receiver over the middle of the field, and he’s played the in the box safety similar to a Tyrann Mathieu of Kansas City. His ability to release and turn his hips is elite with swiftness and smoothness. This helps affect plays and break on the pass, either intercepting them or breaking them up. In his career, he has 16 pass deflections along with 5 interceptions. One of the other tools he has is tracking the quarterback’s eyes and then driving down making the play, which he’s done quite reliably.

Summary of why he would fit in Philadelphia:
This off-season with the lack of cap space, lots of players will be let go and I project Jalen Mills and Johnathan Ford, both safeties, will be heading elsewhere. This creates a spot for Holt to fill, as that leaves Philadelphia with only 3 safeties in Epps, Ford, and Wallace. Holt would provide great depth and can develop on special teams. He’s also from Pennsylvania, growing up across the state in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. I think as a UDFA (undrafted free agent), he would be an excellent pick-up.


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