Looking Into the Nick Sirianni Hiring

So, as most of us have heard by now, the Eagles announced that they hired former Colts OC, Nick Sirianni, to be their new HC. Sirianni came into the conversation late, but seemed to have really impressed Jeffry Lurie and the Eagles in his interviews. Let’s look into this hiring!

Coaching Career

To start off, let’s get to know about Sirianni, and where he’s been in terms of his career: From 2004-2005, Nick worked with DBs at Mount Union. He then moved on and worked with WRs at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2006-2008. Sirianni went into the NFL after this, helping with KC’s offensive quality control from 2009-2011. The next year, he stayed with KC, but this time as a WRs coach. After his stint with the Chiefs, Sirianni went to San Diego, and worked on a Quality-Control offense with the Chargers. Nick would go on to stay with the Chargers for the next 4 years, being a QBs coach from 2014-2015 , and being a WRs coach for the next 2. Finally, he became the Colts’ OC in 2018-2020, and is now here as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.


It’s clear that Sirianni is respected around the league. Here’s what former Eagles’ OC, Frank Reich, had to say about him: “He is a brilliant offensive mind. He is a tireless worker. He pays attention to detail. He has a dynamic coaching personality. I think he is going to be a great head coach in this league. It is hard for me to have a higher opinion of Nick.” That’s not all. Field Yates tweeted this after the Eagles made the hiring aware to the public: “That dude worked and worked and worked tirelessly, taking on any task asked. He earned the respect of everyone around him — players and coaches alike. Eagles got a good one.” Another source claimed that Sirianni is “passionate” and “brings juice” on top of being a “brilliant coach.”

Has Had Success

Nick Sirianni has undoubtedly had success in his career, particularly as of late. He had play-calling input for Indianapolis last season, which was a 28 PPG offense. In the last 3 seasons, the Colts’ offense ranked 5th, 16th, and 9th in scoring, and the team reached the playoffs twice. He maximized Jonathan Taylor’s abilities, which is the opposite of what Doug did with Miles this season, and something Miles really needs. Sirianni did a very good job developing the Chargers’ Mike Williams and Colts receiving core; having someone with experience in that area is crucial for the Eagles considering how many young receivers they have. He also helped Philip Rivers reduce turnovers from his game this past season which was one of Carson’s major issues this season. There is no doubt in my mind that this offense & team as a whole can succeed together.


As of right now, I don’t have many concerns for Sirianni. I do have a few, however: Is Sirianni ready to be a head coach? This is mainly due to the fact that he has no head coaching experience (his 10+ years of coaching experience should help, though). Also, could it be a problem that he’s had little experience coaching on the defensive side of the ball? It will be a major issue if Sirianni prioritizes offense for the Eagles; this is a TEAM sport. Finally, what kind of staff will Nick hire? We will have to wait and see the answers to these questions as the off-season progresses and transitions into the regular season.

All in all, Sirianni was not a bad hire for the Eagles. He may have actually been the most ideal hire because of his coaching experiences. Thanks for reading!


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